We equip new mothers with the resources they need to succeed. Your donation makes that possible.

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40 for Life Campaign

Pledge $40/mo to save lives in our community. Toccoa Life is committed to providing resources to mothers and their unborn children.


“Toccoa Life was the only place that I was receiving support when I first got pregnant with my son. Although in my mid-twenties at the time and in college, I did not have family or even a supportive church that was helping prepare me for my first child. I felt blessed to be receiving such a precious gift from God, but had little financial resources at the time to provide for my soon to be baby.

Amanda came into my life as an emotional support. Through the classes provided, I was able to learn about my changing body and what to expect with a newborn. While gaining knowledge, I was also earning baby bucks to buy baby stuff for my son! What an added bonus! I went to these classes once a week until my son was born. Therefore, I was able to save enough baby bucks so that I didn’t have to buy a single thing for his arrival.

Toccoa Life will provide if you put in the effort! I’m so thankful this ministry touched my life and celebrated the life of my son. Please know that no matter what situation you are in, single, married, divorced, poor, unsure... Toccoa Life will be there for you to help counsel you through the hard times and celebrate with you in the good times. I am grateful for this ministry existing. My son and I have been the recipients of extreme love.”